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Hapa Hour with Tetsuro Miyazaki

Today’s Hapa comes all the way from Amsterdam. Tetsuro Miyazaki is a 38 year old photographer born in Belgian and raised their by his Belgian mother and Japanese father. Growing up he would visit Japan and continued to do so after the death of his Father when he was 14. Tetsuro studied Japanese for a […]

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Hapa Hour with Celia Mei Rubin

One thing I love about NYC and the theatre community is how small it is. Especially amongst Hapas. Today’s Hapa on Hapa Hour is Celia Mei Rubin. She and I haven’t actually met in person but we have so many mutual friends and I have heard a great deal about this beautiful gal. Celia was born […]

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Soul Kitchen – Montmartre, Paris

Today I’m gonna share with you a spot in Paris you must go to! Continuing my love affair with Montmartre is Soul Kitchen. I know, it doesn’t sound very French, and it’s really not. Soul Kitchen is basically a hipster coffee shop that serves breakfast and lunch. This is a great little gem to sit […]

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11 Nights in Paris

You might have noticed I haven’t been blogging for a couple of weeks. I hope you have missed me. I have some amazing foodie experiences to tell you about since I was on holiday with my mom and grandmama in Paris for 11 nights! Ah Paris, Je t’amie.   This was my second time in […]

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Bing Box Snow Cream – East Village

In my quest to find authentic Hawaiian Snow Cones in NYC my bestie Carol took me to Bing Box in the East Village. Sadly not Hawaiian shaved ice but dare I say just as good? Granted it has been several years since my last vacay in Hawaii. Bing Box is a modern take on Korean […]

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Hapa Hour with Carlos Martin

Today’s Hapa is someone I have know for a very, very, very, long time. Carlos Martin. “I am a California native living in, and loving New York! I am always looking to collaborate, so don’t be afraid to social stalk me! I am rebranding and restarting my wine and movie podcast where I pair wine […]

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White Wash This – Hapa Hour

I am so sick of all the whitewashing that is being allowed to continue in the entertainment industry. Enough is enough! Between the upcoming movies “Ghost in the Shell” and “Dr. Strange” using white women to portray Asian characters, I could scream. And I have. I am not alone in my frustration. All I can […]

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