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NYGSP “The Mikado” – Was it diverse enough?

I have so many feelings regarding this show, especially because of the yellowfacing that usually takes place with this classic Gilbert and Sullivan piece. White people playing Japanese people. If you don’t understand why that is wrong then we are going to have a problem, and you better watch your back. I have ninja stars. […]

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Audience Members Etiquette for Millennials

Hi my name is Alex and I am a Millennial. Something I really hate to admit. As a performer and a theatre goer and fellow millennial, I have seen the decline in the audience member. They have no clue as to how to behave at a show. And to be perfectly honest the “normal” theatre […]

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A New Year

Wow has 2016 been one hell of a year. Professionally speaking it was awesome! We produced our first ever multicultural cabaret and will have another show in March of 2017. I got out of a toxic relationship and couldn’t be happier. Being single in the city is fun! I have learned so much about what […]

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The Whiteness of “Anna Christie”

Eugene O’Neil’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama “Anna Christie” is a play in four acts about a woman, who is a prostitute, looking for redemption and a new life with her father, who’s a captain, and a man she falls in love with. This play was recently put on by Working Barn Productions and seen on stage […]

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Where’s the Diversity at Auditions?

As I sit here in the audition waiting room for an ECC (that’s equity chorus call for you nonactors), I am saddened and pissed off by what I see. Three black girls and me the one “Asian”. Where the hell are my ladies of color at? Where are my fellow Hapas (multiracial people), Asian singers, […]

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Me on The Cooler with Rebecca Berman

This week I was interviewed by Rebecca Berman on The Cooler, an online talk show. To watch my segment go to 30.49 Watch me talk about MeSoHapa, food, challenges in being a multi-ethnic actor in the entertainment industry, and much more. Be sure to follow Rebecca Berman on Twitter @RebeccaBermanTV and check out her website: […]

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