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The Oscar’s have come and gone for 2017 and this year’s Oscar nominations for best/supporting actors and actresses is much more diverse than last year. Go you Hollywood. This year we have a whopping 7 actors of color nominated for an Oscar. 8 if you count my favorite Hapa, Emma Stone. That’s 7 out of […]

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100 Auditions

Actors of Color! It’s time we took matters into our own hands. I am tired of our under-representation on stage and screen. I am tired of hearing everyone complain (me included). So let’s start a revolution, let’s start a protest. Now more than ever, due to this horrific political climate, we need to be seen […]

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The Whiteness of “Anna Christie”

Eugene O’Neil’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama “Anna Christie” is a play in four acts about a woman, who is a prostitute, looking for redemption and a new life with her father, who’s a captain, and a man she falls in love with. This play was recently put on by Working Barn Productions and seen on stage […]

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