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Hapa Hour with Celia Mei Rubin

One thing I love about NYC and the theatre community is how small it is.¬†Especially amongst Hapas. Today’s Hapa on Hapa Hour is Celia Mei Rubin. She and I haven’t actually met in person but we have so many mutual friends and I have heard a great deal about this beautiful gal. Celia was born […]

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Miss Japan is a Hapa (again)

I think it so awesome that this years Miss Japan is once again biracial! She is 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Indian, and she’s just stunning! How beautiful and wonderful that Miss Japan is mixed! Sadly, there is a lot of hate going around on social media about Miss Japan not being Japanese enough to represent. […]

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I am a huge fan of Alicia Keys right now. Not only did she kill it at the DNC but she has also started a revolution of her own. I’m talking about her no longer wearing any makeup, the #NoMakeUp campaign. It might sound trivial and of no importance, because I mean really who cares […]

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Hapa Hour with Celina Nightengale

I love the word Hapa. I think it is the perfect word to describe anyone who is multicultural. In my opinion, you don’t have to be half Asian to be Hapa, and today’s guest makes that perfectly clear! I first met Celina Nightengale performing at Disney together. She’s an amazing dancer and beautiful on the […]

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Hapa Hour with Cassie Simone

I’m so excited to have this Hapa on Hapa Hour today! She is stupid talented and beautiful! Friends, Cassie Simone. I first met Cassie many moons ago at Disney. We both were performers in Disney’s Aladdin at the Hyperion Theatre. Cassie is an LA based actress and singer who most recently finished a run of […]

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