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Hapa Hour with Shino Frances

One thing I love about NYC is that I am always meeting new, awesome people. Shino Frances is a NYC based Singer-Actor-Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, Director, Producer, Translator, Dialect Coach & MK Beauty Consultant. NYC credits include: A Christmas Carol (Ghost of Christmas Present, Literally Alive) Jekyll + Hyde (The Players Thr); Color of Life (Rachel […]

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Sacha Finkelsztajn: La Boutique Jaune – Le Marais

Paris has had its ups and downs with us Jews. Mostly downs. Sadly the once-thriving Jewish quarter of Le Marais is all but non-existent. Mainly due to the influx of bougie boutiques buying out family run businesses. There is, however, a crap load of falafel. Nothing wrong with that, just saying there’s a lot of […]

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Hapa Hour with Celia Mei Rubin

One thing I love about NYC and the theatre community is how small it is.¬†Especially amongst Hapas. Today’s Hapa on Hapa Hour is Celia Mei Rubin. She and I haven’t actually met in person but we have so many mutual friends and I have heard a great deal about this beautiful gal. Celia was born […]

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Hapa Shaming – Hapa Hour

Today’s Hapa Shaming story is brought to you by Rebecca Lerman.   I am Hapa, but also identify as Asian. I am Russian, Jewish Chinese. And just like any frustrated Asian American actor who viewed the trailers of the new blockbuster movies, Doctor Strange and Ghost in Shell, I was fed up with all the […]

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Jewish Penicillin aka Chicken Soup

I swear by Chicken Soup. I truly believe Jewish Penicillin can cure whatever ails you. Well, maybe not everything, but pretty damn close in my book. I’ve been kinda under the weather, I’m pretending it’s allergies. I mean the weather is changing and that usually causes allergies… Right? You know the saying “the lady doth […]

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My Fall From Kosher – Hapa Hour

Today’s Hapa Hour is a bit different because it’s my birthday and I feel like being the¬† self-indulgent only child, Jewish American Princess, that I am. I recently wrote an article for BoxyMag, and today I’m gonna share it with you as part of my multicultural journey and self-discovery of what it means to be […]

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