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The Oscar’s have come and gone for 2017 and this year’s Oscar nominations for best/supporting actors and actresses is much more diverse than last year. Go you Hollywood. This year we have a whopping 7 actors of color nominated for an Oscar. 8 if you count my favorite Hapa, Emma Stone. That’s 7 out of […]

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We’re Not All Ninjas the Podcast

Stereotyping, white washing, and yellow face is something Asian American actors have been dealing with since the dawn of cinema. You’d think in this day and age we would be past all that and have progressed to a point where API (Asian Pacific Islanders) actors are seen and heard equally in film. Sadly, this is […]

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White Wash This – Hapa Hour

I am so sick of all the whitewashing that is being allowed to continue in the entertainment industry. Enough is enough! Between the upcoming movies “Ghost in the Shell” and “Dr. Strange” using white women to portray Asian characters, I could scream. And I have. I am not alone in my frustration. All I can […]

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