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A New Year

Wow has 2016 been one hell of a year. Professionally speaking it was awesome! We produced our first ever multicultural cabaret and will have another show in March of 2017. I got out of a toxic relationship and couldn’t be happier. Being single in the city is fun! I have learned so much about what […]

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Where’s the Diversity at Auditions?

As I sit here in the audition waiting room for an ECC (that’s equity chorus call for you nonactors), I am saddened and pissed off by what I see. Three black girls and me the one “Asian”. Where the hell are my ladies of color at? Where are my fellow Hapas (multiracial people), Asian singers, […]

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Yuko Kudo – I Am Me

I Am Me! What strong wonderful words. They make a simple phrase, yet say so much. My wonderful friend Yuko Kudo came up with that phrase, well maybe she didn’t exactly come up with it, but she has used the phrase to create a movement. Yuko is from Japan and considers herself a Japanese person […]

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The Model Stereotype with Ricky Niyonz

Being a model is hard. Both sexes have their own stereotypes and difficulties in the industry, and I love shutting down such bullshit. I was a child model with the Ford Modeling agency, and growing up I was very successful and I had thought I would be able to continue down that rabbit hole. However, […]

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Hapa Hour with Midori Francis

Today’s Hapa is so freaking awesome. I am obsessed with her! She is one talented and cool chick! Midori Francis is an actor. Upcoming: The Wolves at New York Stage and Film in July and a workshop of an awesome new play, Usual Girls, written by fellow Hapa Ming Peiffer for EST’s Bloodworks in June. […]

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Hapa Hour with Diane Phelan

I am so thrilled to introduce you all to today’s Hapa. I finally met her face to face last night! #HapaTribe Diane Phelan is an New York based actress, director and photographer. Most recently she was seen in the original Broadway cast of The King and I at Lincoln Center and in the groundbreaking production […]

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