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Devachan UWS

My hair has changed a lot over the years. I’ve had black with dark plum, hot pink chunks, fuchsia dipped ends, purple chunks, and my least favorite, short ass hair. Up until early this year I had straight Asian hair. It wouldn’t do shit except be straight. If I wanted curly hair, I would have […]

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I’m a huge fan of having nice nails. I feel that even if I, myself am not put together, at least my nails will look nice and I will feel less “crunchy”. Sadly, getting a cheap manicure won’t suffice for me. There’s no point. Literally ever time I leave the nail salon, 10 minutes later […]

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I got my Balayage on!

I did it! I’ve been wanting to do this since I first heard about Balayage several months ago. What is Balayage you might ask? Well friends, it is a form of highlights for your hair. Think Ombré but more subtle. Obviously one should do some research as to where you should go to get these fantastic painted […]

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