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The Model Stereotype with Ricky Niyonz

Being a model is hard. Both sexes have their own stereotypes and difficulties in the industry, and I love shutting down such bullshit. I was a child model with the Ford Modeling agency, and growing up I was very successful and I had thought I would be able to continue down that rabbit hole. However, […]

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Corbico Jewellery – London

I love pretty things, especially jewelry, and I’m a very happy Hapa when it’s affordable as well. Corbico Jewellery, located in London (no, I did not go to London – I wish), is a family run jewelry store that offers unique items for very reasonable prices. You are probably wondering how I found out about […]

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Thank You Old Navy! F You Racists!

Here’s a little article I wrote for You know what pisses me off? Ignorant people who think families are made up of a single ethnic background and feel that somehow a family made up of two or more cultures is wrong and less than themselves. You would think that in this day and age […]

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6 Degrees of Hapa

I’m a bit obsessed with anything Hapa, and┬árecently I started tweeting aka stalking 6 Degrees of Hapa. I knew nothing about this person except they made awesome TShirts and Hats. So I tweeted at them. Few conversations later Naomi Takata Shepherd, the artist and creator of 6 Degrees of Hapa, sent me some sick swag! […]

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