Miss Japan is a Hapa (again)

I think it so awesome that this years Miss Japan is once again biracial! She is 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Indian, and she’s just stunning!

How beautiful and wonderful that Miss Japan is mixed! Sadly, there is a lot of hate going around on social media about Miss Japan not being Japanese enough to represent. Yes, 3% of Japan is mixed. I feel that just because you are a blend doesn’t make you any less of something. In my opinion if you were born and raised within a culture that ultimately makes you that. Perhaps it is just a very Americanized view of mine. I was born and raised in the U.S. I think of myself as an American regardless of my ethnic background! Plus she is half Japanese! She speaks Japanese, she is Japanese. “There was a time as a kid when I was confused about my identity,” she said. “But I’ve lived in Japan so long now I feel Japanese.”

It is so sad that many of the Japanese people think Priyanka Yoshikawa is not fit to be Miss Japan. People have called her a “terrorist”, “Arab”, and “Arab terrorist”. The same disgusting backlash happened to her predecessor Ariana Miyamoto, who is half black.


Even though some of the Japanese people are being closed-minded it’s nice to see that the people who judge Miss Japan are not, and give this title based on ability and not “pureness”. Times have changed friends. Pretty soon there won’t be anyone that can deem themselves “pure”, and that makes me happy!

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