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New York City has some of the best food in the world. If you crave it, you probably can find it! It is one of my favorite things about this city, so many amazing foodie options. However, there is one thing NYC is missing… No not In N Out, though I would give my left ovary for that. Mexican food.

I mean WTF?! How is it possible that there just aren’t any good Mexican food options around? Yeah, there’s Rosa Mexicana. It’s decent food but way over priced. I’m not looking for a 5-star dining experience. I want down home Mexican food.
Being from California as well, my lovely friend Karin understands my turmoil. Sorry folks us Californians are snobs when it comes to Mexican food. None of you New Yorkers will ever understand real Mexican food unless you’ve lived in Cali or Mexico. Nor will you get my desperate need for it. Karin said she had found decent Mexican food in this city! I was a huge skeptic, but she has made a believer out of me.
Friends I give you Tulcingo, located on 10th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen. They describe themselves as serving up authentic Mexican cuisine, and they do a pretty damn good job.

Joining Karin and me for lunch at this establishment is our friend Brian.
We started off with some Guacamole.


Honestly, good guac is crucial to me, it can make or break a Mexican restaurant. Tulcingo passed the first test.

Between the 3 of us we each ordered several tacos which included: Pollo Asada, Carne Asada, and Roast Pork


Really, really, good tacos! The meat was flavorful and tender. I honestly had no complaints. Granted, it’s no Alberto’s (amazing cheap Mexican chain in Cali) but NYC you’ve done good!

For more info please visit their website: http://www.tulcingorestaurant.com/

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