Hospital Food – Healing Healthy Wholesomeness? Or Fake Filled Crap?

I recently had to stay in the hospital. Don’t worry, I’m ok. Talking about my health isn’t the point of this post. The point is this, you’re admitted to the hospital due to illness. You haven’t eaten since that morning and barely at that. It’s 12 hours later and you haven’t even been given a lousy juice box or the famous Jell-O hospitals so love to serve. Finally, you get to eat something and they offer you a sandwich. I so wish I had a picture of this.

White bread and over processed turkey. No mayo, no mustard, just plain white bread and turkey. This is probably the best thing you will get to eat. Eat it. Don’t wait for something better cause that just isn’t gonna happen.

I’m not exactly sure how processed white bread and turkey is deemed “healthy”…
Breakfast the next morning wasn’t that horrible, as long as you avoid the low-fat milk that’s from cows that have had added hormones to them. And avoid the packaged banana nut muffin. I was trying to read the ingredients and I gave up since I only recognized bleached white flour, cornstarch, and corn syrup. Those are big no no’s in my book. Lucky I had some apple slices and a hard-boiled egg.

For lunch I was served this:


I mean WTF? First of all, boxed over processed Mac and Cheese and I’m betting those veggies are canned. I’m not even gonna talk about that chicken. I refused to eat it but my nurse made me eat the “chocolate” pudding. (He was cute so I wasn’t going to argue.) I say “chocolate” because it was only 10% coco… God only knows what the rest of the “chocolate” was.

So there you have it folks, Hospital Food. It’s amazing anyone ever gets out of the hospital alive with the sort of crap they feed you. How can anyone heal with chemicals and over processed byproducts? It’s rather sad.

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