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I seriously think NYC is the foodie Mecca of the world. If you crave it, they have it. One of my favorite places to eat is Queen of Sheba in Hell’s Kitchen. It’s the best Ethiopian food I’ve ever had.

I’ve eaten there numerous times and they never disappoint. If you’ve never had Ethiopian food then the closest thing I could compare it to would be Indian food meets Middle Eastern cuisine. Honestly, though, Ethiopian food has such a complex flavor palate that it really can’t be compared to anything else.
If you’ve never had Ethiopian food here are some key things to know. You get to eat with your hands. Personally, my favorite way to eat. Also every meal is served with Injera, a type of East African sourdough crepe that’s spongy in texture. It is used as a utensil.


Here are some of my favorites at Queen of Sheba.

Azifa – onions and chili peppers are coarsely mashed in an Ethiopian mustard vinaigrette.
Timeatim Fitfit – Diced vine ripened tomatoes, peppers, onion, and crumbled injera are tossed together in a lemon & olive oil vinaigrette.
This is so good and refreshing!


Doro Wot – Legs of range chicken are slow-cooked in a dense stew of onions, berbere, and kibe. Boiled small eggs are knife-poked and simmered in the stew. A high-holiday treat served with two legs and a small egg.

I totally get why this is considered a high-holiday treat. Maybe it’s the hard-boiled eggs, or perhaps it’s the chicken legs… Whatever it is, Doro Wot is one of my favorites.

Lega Tibs – Tender cubes from the leg of a lamb marinated in white wine and kibe then sautéed to perfection.

I’m usually not the biggest fan of Lamb but this stuff made a believer out of me.

Gomen Wot – greens are cooked in their own steam with mild seasonings and olive oil. I’m obsessed with collard greens and after you eat these you’ll never want the boring old southern way again.


Menchet Abesh Wot – Lean beef grounded and cooked in mild green pepper sauce, red wine, and jalapeño and seasoned with ginger and garlic.

It’s like a sloppy joe took acid and became Rainbow Bright.

Of course, no Ethiopian dinner would be complete without having a glass or two of Honey Wine.

For more info please check out their website: http://www.shebanyc.com/

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