DryBar – Le Parker Meridien

If you have curly hair you know it’s a bitch to straighten. It takes time and effort that I do not want to put in. Same thing goes for straight haired ladies. Most curly haired girls want straight hair and straight haired gals want curly hair… The grass is always greener.

Lucky for us there are options! I’m talking about Dry Bar. I am sure you’ve heard of them, unless you’re living under a rock…


DryBar is strictly blowouts, no cut and no color salon. They’ve become super popular and are popping up all over the damn place. DryBar is great for chicks who want their hair to look picture perfect for an event, audition, or just because. Or in my case, I’m a bit “crunchy” when it comes to blowing out my hair straight. I’m more in the mind of embracing my natural wavy curls because, let’s be honest, I’m too lazy to style it any other way.

I was lucky enough to score a free blowout at the DryBar in Le Parker Meridien in midtown. For those of you who don’t know, Le Parker Meridien is a bougie hotel that is also home to one of my favorite burger spots, The Burger Joint.

TJ was my hair stylist and we decided to try out The Straight Up – straight with a little bit of body.

He washed and conditioned my hair and massaged my scalp!

TJ then got to blowing my locks out! I was very happy with the final product!


This is totally worth the $40 DryBar normally charges!


For more info check out their website: http://www.drybar.com

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