So You Want to go to Culinary School.

I need $35,000 dollars. Anyone? I’m not gonna let a stupid dollar sign scare me away from realizing my dream of being referred to as “Chef Alex.”

At my recent meeting at ICC (International Culinary Center) I learned several things, besides the amount I will need, in order to attend.

They offer scholarships. Too bad their scholarship doesn’t cover the whole shebang. It won’t even cover the 10 grand I need just to start, but hey I plan on getting that scholarship because every freaking penny counts.

I also need to have 9 – 14 months free, where my acting career won’t interfere with culinary school, cause they don’t give you a leave of absence without a doctor’s note.

Hmm I guess there really aren’t “several things I need to attend.” I just need money and time. Le sigh.

If I play my cards right and apply for scholarships and financial aid I just might be able to go this Summer or Fall. Oh, and I can’t book anything that takes me away from NYC. Guess I just have to get that TV show or production contract. Solve everything all at once.

I have my work cut out for me, unless someone wants to give me some money… I’ll cook you an amazing meal after I graduate… anyone?

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2 thoughts on “So You Want to go to Culinary School.

  1. Daisy Martinez

    Hi Alex! Have you heard of the ICC’s Alumni-Mentor Scholarship? You are eligible when a graduate of the school gives you a letter of recommendation/referral. The amount of the scholarship is $2000 (like you said, every penny counts!). The reason I know this is because I am a grad of the Culinary Arts and Intensive Sommelier Training, and now I am Associate Director of Alumni Affairs. You should go online to the ICC website, and review ALL of the scholarships available. There are a LOT! Let me know if I can do anything else to help you on your quest for culinary greatness!
    Daisy Martinez
    Associate Director of Alumni Affairs
    International Culinary Center
    646 254 8532


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