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I’m a nail biter. It’s a horrible habit that I just can’t seem to break. In order to combat this unladylike habit, I get my nails done. I’m not talking just a nice normal manicure, hell no. Waste of money if you ask me. I prefer gel and I usually get CalGel at Marie Nails. That’s Japanese nail art. However, I had the opportunity to try something else for a change. Gelish at Paint Box.

Paint Box considers themselves to be a high-end nail salon and was founded by Eleanor Langston. They offer seasonal collections of nail designs and colors.
Gelish has definitely taken me by surprise. I am a die-hard CalGel fan and I love getting my nails done at Marie Nails. However, Paintbox might just be giving them a run for their money. My mani certainly has lasted a long freaking time. 1 month – you gotta love that. Granted, CalGel does last just as long.

The nail studio design is very modern and “expensive” looking. It’s no wonder with prices starting at $35 for single color, just plain polish, or $50 for single color gel, that means no design just solid color. Boring.
I had my nails done by Coco. She is so nice and sweet and very attentive! I think my nails came out awesome!


I really enjoyed the whole experience at Paint Box. Would I go back? Maybe. The jury is still out.

For more info check out their website and be sure to ask for Coco.

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