Squelch It!

Friends! I was recently invited to try out this new spray that is supposed to get rid of bad smells, and ya know what? It works!

This spray is kinda amazing. I was totally skeptical at first. People, allow me to introduce you to Squelch.


Squelch is a natural, scentless odor remover. All natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, does not stain or fade fabrics and environmental friendly! It’s basically Jesus in a bottle, aka a miracle worker.

I did three case tests with it.

1. Test case Moogle.


No, I did not spray the cat. Though I could have, cause it’s safe to do so. I used Squelch after he pooped. I mean his poops are disgusting, so I sprayed his litter box with Squelch and it really helped eliminate the smell. So much better than trying to mask his smelly shits with a bathroom spray!

2. Test case moi.

I know, it’s hard to believe that after I exercise I don’t smell like roses. So after my workout I sprayed Squelch on my smelly armpits. Totally worked! Which brings me to this awesome point. I’m an actor, dancer, singer. I and my fellow thespians sometimes stink after an audition. Especially after dancing our asses off. Wouldn’t it be nice to just spray some Squelch on yourself, and voila you’re ready to go to either the next audition or ride the subway home without being “that” disgusting person! Seriously actor friends, this needs to be a staple at the audition studios.

3. Test case my smelly shirt.


I might have worn this shirt too many times in a row. So I sprayed Squelch on the armpits of the shirt and it totally made the smell go away without ruining the shirt. Amazballs! Hello not having to do laundry every weekl!

In a nutshell, I think Squelch is pretty bad ass and I’m gonna carry it with me to my next audition! Or my next vacation, which is where I am headed now. Hello Barbados! 10 days on this tropical paradise where laundry may or may not happen, Squelch is definitely a must.


Special thanks to the ladies at Out Of Office NY http://www.outofofficeny.com for hooking me up with this great product!  For more info on Squelch please visit their website: http://www.squelchit.com

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