Go Go Curry

I love cheap Asian food. I’m not talking about Panda Express, cause ewww. Nor my favorite dumpling place in China Town that got shut down because they were preparing the foods in the alley with all the rats and trash. Why?! Prosperity Dumpling, why? No, I’m talking about Go Go Curry.

This little Japanese hole in the wall is straight to the point, no frills and just plain good. Go Go Curry originates in Ishikawa, Japan. They serve thick black curry sauce over rice, shredded cabbage and crispy fried choice of meat. The curry takes over 55 hours to make!

My friend Alison took me to Go Go Curry the other night in Midtown. Don’t judge me for eating in Midtown, we had tickets for a show. If you live in NYC you avoid Midtown like the plague, however, sometimes you can’t avoid it and there’s always the problem of where do we eat? Well, I’m gonna be eating at Go Go Curry.

Alison and I both ordered Curry with Katsu Chicken.


Simple, delicious, and filling. You really can’t go wrong with fried chicken on top of curry and sticky rice. I mean, I guess you can if you hate curry…

For more info please visit their website: http://www.gogocurryusa-ny.com

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