Boiled Peanuts

Boiled Peanuts

Unless you’re from the South or you have been to the South, you’re probably are like “WTF boiled peanuts?” Think edamame. My Japanese side was mind blown the first time I tried this tasty snack. To be perfectly honest, if I have the choice I will choose boiled peanuts over edamame any day of the week. They are nice and salty with the texture of a legume. It’s kinda trippy.

After eating boiled peanuts for the first time a couple of years ago, I have been obsessed with finding raw peanuts to make my own. Lo and behold the grocery store across from my apartment actually sell them. I had literally looked everywhere but there.

As you’ll see it’s a long ass process to make but trust me, it’s so worth it.

  • 1 pound raw peanuts in shell
  • 1 1/2 gallon of water (you'll need more as you go along)
  • 1 1/2 ounces sea salt

Rinse your raw peanuts in water till they are clean.

Next place in big pot.

Cover with 1 1/2 gallon of water and stir in salt.

Place lid on pot.

Boil on high for 4 - 5 hours (yeah it takes forever so go ahead and

binge watch Netflix)

You will want to keep an eye on the peanuts and keep adding more water to the pot as the water boils off.

After about 4 hours it's time to check if the peanuts are done.

If they are still crunchy keep boiling them. If they are done they will have the texture of a cooked bean.

The newer the raw peanut the quicker it will take to boil them.

  • Preparation time: 5 mins
  • Cook time: 4 - 5 Hours
  • Total time: 4 - 5 Hours
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