The Misfit – Santa Monica, California

The Misfit Bar and Restaurant in Santa Monica California is one of my favorite places to eat when I am being a Cali Girl. Offering a variety of foods sourced from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, The Misfit has some amazing comfort food you’ll want to eat again and again!

My family and I went there for my Grandmama’s 87th Birthday! Here is a picture of her! She’s the one in the middle.

Doesn’t she look amazing! She’s eighty-freaken-seven people! We, of course, ordered way too much food. Ah, first world problems.

Our meal was a sort of smorgasbord of items. We started with libations: Washington square, N.Y – Bonal, lemon, and Strawberries from the farmers market.


I had to look up what Bonal is – it is a French aperitif wine. I felt very très chic drinking this.

We started off with some Avocado Toasts – Sourdough Bread, Tamai Farms Artisan Baby Tomato and Burrata.


I ordered Bacon Wrapped Dates (My Mom and Grandmama won’t eat them cause they aren’t kosher. Ha! more for me) – Smoked Almonds, Goat Cheese, and Balsamic. I could eat these all day.


Shredded Kale & Quinoa Salad – Sunflower Seeds, Grapes, Preserved Lemon and Manchego. I had them out the Manchego on the side cause I’m not the biggest fan of too much cheese.


I love Kale.

Tamai Farms Grilled Street Corn – Sambal Butter and Ricotta Salata.


Then we ordered Dixie Fried Chicken – Jidori Organic Chicken. It’s good, real good. Only thing I don’t like about their fried chicken is that it’s boneless. I love gnawing on bones!


One really cool thing I love about The Misfit is they give out their signature Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt Cookies to you after your meal.

Of course we still had to get dessert cause one cookie wasn’t going to cut it. We tried the Strawberry Gelato – small batch Grateful Spoon Gelato made with all natural ingredients.

I think my Grandmama had a good birthday dinner, but next time I’m coming here for Brunch cause their menu looks killer!

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