Hapa Who?

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imageYou’re probably wondering “what the hell is a Hapa?” Well, a Hapa is a person who is half Asian and half something else. I am half Japanese, part French and Russian Jew descent. I guess you could also say that I am Eurasian! However, I prefer Hapa. Hahaha, I’m a Jap squared! Get it? Japanese American Princess and Jewish American Princess. I’m so funny…. Sorry if you find me offensive.

So now that we got that out of the way I’m a California gal living in New York City. I’m an actor and if you are interested in learning more about my career go to But I digress, this blog is not about my life as a performer, this blog is about my unique perspective on food and life as a Hapa. So I hope you enjoy reading about my foodie adventures around town and beyond!

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